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It was founded in 1865 under the name of "Distillery Sebastiano Giuffrida" and follows International Exhibition in Rome in 1925 the Diploma of "Grand Prize and Gold Medal" for fine spirits of "luxury". The founder Sebastiano Giuffrida, handed down to his son Rosario passion for distillation and production of alcoholic beverages; his death indeed takes the name of "Distillery Cav. Rosario Giuffrida".

The company continues to maintain over the years the passion and the constant desire to preserve traditions linked to ancient and authentic flavors, respecting unchanged recipes and entirely handcrafted. The company today taken over by the younge Mariano Gaggegi, a master liquoriere whose hands have worked for years in the industry, takes a new impetus with the creation of undoubted quality products and very well linked to the Sicilian tradition. The liquor factory of Cav. Giuffrida Rosario is located in the village of Santa Venerina in the province of Catania, ua hilly area on the slopes of Mount Etna on the Ionian coast ofa Sicily; own area renowned for the active presence of various historical realities related to the preparation and distillation of spirits and liqueurs. An exceptional setting and an old factory that also houses the original distillery made an interesting museum today which can be visited by booking at least two days in advance.

The strong company of his own over a century of experience producing creams and liqueurs that are produced, then as now, with artisan procedures, using selected high quality materials, and for traditional products, strictly from Etna territories. Forte of the 140 years of activity the company continued to maintain the production of creams and liqueurs, strictly artisanal production methods for the use of the first coming from the hinterland Etna selected for the high quality materials. Lemons particularly renowned Jonica Sicilian band for the famous "Verdello", pistachio, mandarins and oranges from citrus groves located at the foot of the volcano whose mineral-rich soil produces fruit with excellent organoleptic qualities Maletto strawberries, almonds and hazelnuts Sicilian, they are just some of the ingredients used in the preparation of liqueurs and liqueur creams..


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